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Making Bacon And Cheese Bread With Coconut Oil

1 Mins read
The tasty twerk of bacon coconut cheese bread. Ingredients: 1. 100g bacon 2. 1 sizable onion 3. 150g grated cheddar 4. 1/2…

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Food & Drinks

Why you should go on a green centric diet

1 Mins read
Eating Vegetable Centric is not about being a vegetarian. Presently, more and more people are eating processed packaged goods that hardly resemble…
Food & Drinks

5 Unhealthy Tasty Food You Must Stay Away From At 30

2 Mins read
The saying what you take into your body is what shows on the outside is seemingly the straightest irony we cannot run…
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Fast and Easy Way To Make Peanut Burger

1 Mins read
Make peanut burger using this fast and easiest recipe. Ingredients; – 4 cups raw groundnuts – 4 Eggs – 4 Cups flour…

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Marco Asensio Talks On Possible Real Madrid Departure

1 Mins read
Real Madrid attacker Marco Asensio has talks to Movistar ahead of Sunday’s Madrid Derby against Atletico de Madrid. Asensio previewed the game…


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Health & MedicalsSponsored

15 Awesome Benefits Of Basil

1 Mins read
Basil is commonly known as Scent Leaf in Africa. Scent leaf with the botanical name Ocimum gratissimum, is an aromatic herb that…

8 Profitable Business Opportunities in 2021

3 Mins read
Africa is a fast developing continent and many foreign investors understand that there is a lot of money to be made in…
Health & Medicals

25 Amazing Health Benefits Of Tigernut

1 Mins read
Tigernuts is one of the healthiest superfoods richly packed with nutrients in the market presently. This miracle nuts to health can be…

First Bank Of Nigeria Taken over by Femi Otedola

1 Mins read
Billionaire Femi Otedola takes over FBN. Femi Otedola, a Nigerian multi billionaire and businessman has reportedly taken over the FBN. According to…
FinanceFitness & Yoga

How to believe in yourself through the power of yoga for success

1 Mins read
Measuring success with the power of yoga? Yes! Believing in yourself through the power of yoga? Sure yes! Oh Yes!, Before I…
Health & Medicals

7 Awesome Benefits Of Drinking Water First Thing In The Morning

1 Mins read
Water is the stream of life. They say “water is life”. And to stay healthier, drinking water in the morning before you…