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How to make beans cake with palm oil

1 Mins read

Beans cake is a popular African breakfast dish taken with custard, Akamu, ogi which is corn or grain flour porridge.

Today we’ll go down the lane with my beans cake or akara with a twist using palm oil in a nutshell.


1.  3 cups of beans
2. Chopped onions
3. Chopped scotch bonnet
4. 2-2½ cups of palm oil
5. Salt to taste


– Soak ur beans for 5-10 mins and peel using hands or pulse with blender or mortar.

–  If you are using a food processor or very strong blender  or grindingone, soak for a while before blending. Or you can rather take to a local grinding machine to blend with little or no water.

– Using a hand mixer, mortar and pestle or turning stick, incorporate air into the beans until it’s a little foamy and fluffy.

– To confirm if it’s ready, scoop a little into a clean bowl of water, if it floats, then it’s good to go.

– Then, pour enough palm oil into a frying pan deep pot and heat up on medium to low flame.

– Add your onions, pepper to ur beans and when the oil is hot, add ur salt, mix properly and start frying until golden brown. Salt can make foamy mixture collapse, hence it should be added lastly.

– If you don’t have enough palm oil for deep frying, you can add a little vegetable oil.. it will still be crunchy. You can as well fry with little palm oil, the akara or beans cake would be flat and not ballish but still crunchy.

–  If you are not frying all, pour into an air tight container and freeze  When ready to use, bring out to room temperature and turn for 2 minutes before frying.

– Note that, beans cake doesn’t stay crunchy for too long, so only fry the one you can eat for the time being.

I made this mixture yesterday night and fried this morning for breakfast.


Serve with custard but it also goes well with akamu, corn flour etc.

Taste really yummy.

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