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5 Unhealthy Tasty Food You Must Stay Away From At 30

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The saying what you take into your body is what shows on the outside is seemingly the straightest irony we cannot run away from.

The food we eat is what keeps us alive, and when we grow older we can’t just eat anything we like anymore compared to when we were younger, even when we feel so healthy, we must know that alot of sweet and confectionery foods are slow poisons and gradually kills.

Meanwhile, what you eat to the inside of your body is what shows on the outside of your body.

Below are some food you must avoid for the purpose of your health when you get to 30 years and above:


Beef and red meat are virtually commonly used in foods, but the truth is, if you are 30 or in your 30s, you must avoid beef. Beef is actually gotten from cartel and though it’s rich in protein which helps in building muscles, it’s also has a high amount of trans fat and cholesterol. When we are younger we actually are able to burn this fats due to the build of colagen and also due to activity but when we get older we don’t grow anymore, and colagen stops to build, making it difficult to burn unhealthy fats and when allowed to build it actually becomes a big problem to health. Beef is good for growing up children and youths, but poisonous for adults and the aged. Instead go for fish, chicken or white meats.


Well eggs are very healthy and a good source of protein too, but the eggs yolk, the yellow part of it can be very dangerous. Researchers has found out that the egg yolk is as dangerous as tobacco or cigarettes. As you approach 30, you really need to stay away from eggs especially the yolk.


Yes now i know a lot of you African guys would be like ‘no way no’. Swallows seems to be the traditional food in Nigeria and Africa and nigerians love their swallows with soups too. Foods like eba made with garri, produce from cassava, fufu, semolina, pounded yam and alot others are so loved by blacks especially Africans but truth is you need to cut out from them if you love your life.l and want to stay healthy and away from unnecessary illnesses. The negative reason is that, we still consume this food which have high carbohydrates with our very oily soups with a high amount of cholesterol and fats which is a deadly combination, and bad enough we mostly eat them at nights. Thus, they don’t have good and enough time to digest which makes it more dangerous for our lives.


Seriously if you take alcohol and also love taking beer then you should know that your life is in a lot more danger than you think. A bottle of beer contains about 19 cubes of sugar even higher than carbonated drinks or fruit juice. So if you think taking beer or stout means you don’t take calories, you must be joking, and you should consider quitting drinking beer now, to save your life.


This is very important, once you are 30, please stop consuming soft drinks as they are not good for your health, they contain a good amount of calories and sugar. You need to know that all this flavoured drinks are also preserved with some unhealthy chemicals that are not friendly with out body system. So in order to live longer, we must stay away from all carbonated drinks and beverages.

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