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How To Make Nigerian Assorted Pepper Soup – eds recipe

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Pepper soup is one of the most delicious Nigerian foods, and a very popular evening meal in Nigeria, I’ll focus particularly on the assorted meat recipe, we’ll go through with the ingredients and pices used for the pepper soup.

We have different recipes in Nigeria, made with different kind of meat and fishes. The most popular one is goat meat recipe followed by the assorted cow or goat meat recipe (which includes shaki – [cow tripe, kpomo, fresh meat, intestine, liver and kidney) we also have the cow tail pepper soup, catfish pepper soup which is fondly called ‘point and kill’.

So this is my special pepper soup recipe in  Nigerian style using assorted cow meat which is mostly the stomach  cow meat iproperties. Assorted pepper soup in Nigeria is simply different parts of a cow, it includes the cow flesh (beef) cow tripe, liver, kidney, intestine etc.

Here are the ingredients I used as well as the images of “ehu” and Uziza seeds” for easy identification.


1. 1 kg of assorted meat (goat or cow)
2. 3 Seeds of Ehu
3. Scent leaves (a handful)
4. Ground Uziza seeds – 1 teaspoon
5. Sliced Utazi Leaves (optional)(to taste)
6. 2 stock cubes
7. 4 Spoons of ground crayfish (optional)
8. 1 cup of onions
9. Salt and pepper to taste
10. Beef seasoning – 1 teaspoon
11. 2 garlic cloves
12. half finger of ginger.                                      13. paprika – teaspoon.

Put in a glass plate the  seasoning cube and paprika powder. I like my pepper soup a little red, hence the paprika powder.

Assorted goat meat in the other plate, Utazi leaves, pepper, ehu seeds

clean the ginger and garlic, pound or blend together as desired to a smooth paste.


NOTE: Uziza seeds are very pepperish, be sure to taste before adding more (ordinary) pepper.

The seed of ehu is one of the most relevant pepper soup ingredients. Break away the outer shell, and blend or pound together with the uziza seeds and crayfish.

– Slice the onions and utazi leaves and set aside in a clean bowl.

If you are preparing pepper soup with assorted goat meat you may want to wash the meat properly with water and start cooking with some spicy start up ingredients such as a cube of maggi, teaspoon of beef seasoning, little ginger, a pinch of salt and half cup of sliced onions).

Cook the meats for 10 minutes then add about 3 cups of water and cook for 30-50 minutes until the meat becomes tender and easy to eat and chewable. You can add another cup of water as desired according to your style of water content in the pepper soup.

Add the peppersoup spice, the ground ehu, uziza, crayfish and the remaining onions.
Add the Paprika – a teaspoon. Paprika is a spice made from dried fruit of a specie of pepper called sweet pepper or bell pepper, It makes my pepper soup somewhat reddish.

Add the sliced utazi, salt and (ordinary) pepper to taste. Allow to boil for another 5 to 10 minutes. Then put it off the heat, your Pepper soup is now ready.


You can serve alone with a chilled bottle of your favorite drink, with white rice, agidi or boiled yam.

This is one of the most popular Nigerian evening sit out food. Just sip and chew it’s goes down well and really tasty.

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