How To Prepare Yourself For Marriage

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Marriage is a whole different ball game from dating and relationships, though these two still remains the foundation and crux of marriage.

Getting married is not and has never been child’s play, so the marriage institution should be entered with full commitment and total submission to whatever it holds. In most cases,, what your marriage brings to you depends on what you are giving to it. If you are committed to your roles as husband or wife, you are bound to have pleasant homes. Wedding is for a day but marriage is for a lifetime.

No one just wants to get married, but happily married and it requires a lot of preparations and readiness. Marriage isn’t something to be rushed into. Some marriages happen as a result of pressure by parents and families, some others rushed into marriage to escape or hide from some issues and responsibilities, while others just feel marriage would boost their social or political levels, some think their biological clock is ticking away etc. However, all this are not enough reasons to rush into marriage.


1. It is important you love yourself, know yourself and understand yourself before trying to blend your life with the life of another person.

2. Before you get married to someone, you need to be honest and try to evaluate the reasons behind your decision and be sure you are both ready to take the bold step. If one party is reluctant, then you need to take your time.

3. Don’t try to force yourself on him or her. Think about the next 10 to 30 years, are you willing to stay married to that person, irrespective of his or her vices?

4. Are you ready and matured enough to build and manage a home?

5. Can you stand your partners family and be at peace? This is an inclusive package because when you marry someone, you also marry the persons family.

6. Are you fully prepared to leave your parents palatial home to live in your husband’s two bedroom apartment? Face it because not everyone marries a millionaire.

7. If your husband to be cannot afford your excesses, are you willing to make the sacrifice?

8. Are you truly on the same page spiritually? This is very essential because if you want God to be part of your relationship, then your partner must also agree to put God first.

9. Are your views on sex, children and money balanced? If this is not planned and discussed, two lives might not be able to be merged successfully together.

However, regardless of what your biological clock says, peer pressure, parents etc. you shouldn’t be in a rush to get married if you know you are not truly prepared. Spiritual, emotional, social and financial preparation are all important in the marriage decision.

People who have filed for divorces or separated always which they had thought about all these things before entering into it.

Financial capability in readiness for marriage is very important because when love keeps you together in touch, thesame love won’t be able to put food on the table or pay bills.

My view on the important steps to take into consideration before marriage is making up your mind and deciding to stay with that person irrespective of whatever happens for better for worse. Committing yourself, your partner and your family to God is essential and an important key.

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