Inmost Tears Of The Street Child – Prisca Nal

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The weeping moon like dark clouds
The voice no one listens to
I think about the patterns of life
And I see the cycles in which I move
Through the rough waves of the oceans
My parents abandoned me
In the tough times and smooth times
I am the street child

The many times I have fallen into grief
My family dejected me standing tall
Many times my heart has been broken
People harass me twice as short
Many times my trust has been shattered
Too many times of these events
Many times my words has been unspoken
I am the street child

I chose to be mindful of my feelings
So many times I let the haters win
My friends bullied me
Many times I have fallen from grace
Too many times I have regressed within
The society blamed me
But it’s not as easy to express sorrow
I am the street child

I am the voice no one ever listened to
The hateful people playing their tricks
I was too busy to notice their pretence
In their secret gossips of hypocrisy
Their transition from light to darkness
Their exhibition of wickedness
No longer did I feel the love of source
I am the street child

My fears my tears
I have fallen countless times
I no longer think of transcendence
Everyone blamed me for ever trusting
My words of celebration and pure faith
I have cried out madly in frustration
My emotions are full of sadness
I am the street child

I am always and but all alone
My guides had abandoned me
I am socially depressed
There’s an emptiness within my soul
My vibrations is drown by the sorrow in my meditations
Prayers of vengeance and consequences
And my inmost self is wracking with despair
I am the street child

I can see the red drops in the tunnel
The loud cry in the dark with grifted tears
He said: I am here because you call on me
I am here because you need me
I am here because you are in deep pain
I am here to strengthen you
I am here to take away your pains and sorrows
They all forgot but Jah never forgets

I know that you’ve been deeply hurt
But I Am your Shepherd and you shall not want
I will always hold space for you
Until when the time is right for you to come back
‘I will wipe your tears
I will protect you
I ignored Him but He still loves me
I am the street child

My mission and my vision
Nobody had ever remembered
That I never choosed this way of life
That I was born just the way they were born
They never listened… To their hearts Telling them… He is also a child
I am the voice no one listens to
I am the street child

Every child born is a child
Every citizen is a citizen
Every child is a genius.

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