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How To Make Edikang Ikong Soup

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Edikang Ikong soup is an African Nigerian delicacy, it is rated as one of the major best soups in Nigeria known as everybody’s choice. It is a vegetable soup specially made, it is a main traditional soup of the southern people of Nigeria.


– 1kg assorted meat such as oxtail, beef, ponmo, tripe and bush meat.

– 4 Snails property washed with lemon and limes

– 460g stockfish which must be thoroughly washed with hot salty water or vinegar.

– 450g shocked fish which must also be thoroughly washed in hot salty water or vinegar.

– 450g periwinkle

– 200g whole dry prawns. Well cleaned.

– 200g crayfish blended,  grounded or pounded

– 1 medium onion

– 200ml palm oil

– 1.40kg fresh pumpkin leaves. Washed and shredded.

– 1kg fresh waterleaves prepared and washed thoroughly.

– Water

+ Salt

– Fresh pepper. Properly washed and blended

– Spice


1. Wash the meat thoroughly and place in a pot

2. Add some sliced onions, ground or blended chillies and very little water if necessary.

3. Place on the heat and cook for 25 minutes.

4. Remove the snails from their shells if not done already and wash, rubbing with lime or lemon juice to remove the slime

5. Wash the smoked fish with hot or warm salty water and soak slightly and heat for for 2 minutes to loosen up and to be sure its property clean.

6. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of cold water..

7. Now, you can add the snails, stockfish, ponmo, smoked fish, dry prawns and periwinkles to the pot of meat for another 10 minutes adding more chillies and water as desired.

8. But ensure that the water isn’t too much.

9. Finally, add the shredded pumpkin leaves and waterleaves proportionately mix properly.

10. Allow to simmer for 3 minutes and then add the crayfish and palm oil.

11. Stir properly and gently simmer for another 5 minutes until well blended and brings out the yummy and captivating aroma it is Known for.

12. Then remove from the heat.

13. Serve hot with pounded yam or desired fufu of your choice.

It can also be served with boiled rice if desired. Edikang Ikong soup is always unique to it’s taste.

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