22 Mistakes That Cannot Be Reversed

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There are a lot of strange topics in the curriculum of life. And mistakes are a major part of man’s curriculum. Life itself is the most personal book to oneself as well as the biggest school with large classrooms. The day you graduate that day your convocation takes place in the graveyard.

If you don’t run your life with God and handover your life to Jesus Christ now, don’t be surprised you will use the rest of your life repeating a class.

The experiences everyone goes through in life are enormous irrespective of persons and personality. Thus, alot of mistakes accompany the journey of living and staying alive, some mistakes can give you permanent injuries, while others only attracts temporary injuries. God in His infinite Mercy at this juncture gives you an opportunity of some Paracetamol and Bandages for treatment as you go along the road through the journey.

On the other hand some mistakes can be reversed and some other ones can never be reversed. Some mistakes can be corrected while some others ones cannot be corrected. But in all.

The greatest mistakes of anyone is to come here on Earth and engaged in some activities that are meaningless and take part in excuses that are senseless to self profit and the profit of others and then die without Jesus Christ in their life. Nobody and sincerely nobody can appear at the front seat of judgement of God and come back again to adjust his or her life. No second Chance. So, is there second chance?.

It takes nothing more than one Minute of Madness to Repent And Accept Jesus Christ and Change from Your Crookery, Falsehood way to the way of Righteousness and Holiness, which is better than One Minute to dance from the church or Mosque and suddenly appear at the Front Seat Of Judgement of Jesus Christ And Later End Up in Hell Fire Without Receiving Mercy.

Life without Purpose is Purposelessness. So how is your preparation? That’s the Question.. Please Daddy and Mummy,  Pastors, Brothers, Sisters, Presidents, Neighbors etc., Are you going to the glorious home when the the time comes with the following included below or not?.


1. When there’s Abortion in your load.

2. When Greediness is in your load

3. When Stealing is in your Load

4. When Bottles of Alcohol are in your Load.

5. Wnen Ciggerates are in your Load

6. When Witchcraft is in your Load

7. When Malice is in your Load

8. When Gossip is In Your Load

9. When Idols is in your Load

10. When Curses are in your Load

11. When Fornication is in your Load

12. When Pride is in your Load

13. When Masturbation is in your Load

14. When Conspiracy is in your Load

15. When Religion Spirit is in your Load

16. When Anger is in your Load

17. When Quarrel is in your Load

18. When Secret Sins are in your Load

19. When Lies are in your Load

20. When Jezebel Fashion is in your Load

21. When False balance is in your Load

22. When hatred is in your Load.

If all these things above can be found in your load, and you want to make Heaven, Your preparation is not enough.

Know that, Jesus Loves you, for He says that He will not Gain Any Pleasure in the Death of the wicked but rather, the wicked should turn away from their Wickedness. Think about your life now. You may not have another Chance again. Seek for the Saviour of the world Jesus Christ now while He may be Found, call upon Him while He is near . Behold, now is the Accepted time, now is the day of Salvation.
Why not accept Jesus Christ now and put Church and Mosque matter aside. Tomorrow maybe too late. Whether you like it or not, it is how you live your life here on Earth that will determine if you will rest in peace or pieces after Death.

Meanwhile, If you have made up your mind to accept Him.  Quietly pray by confessing your sins to Jesus. Ask Him to come into your Life. “I accept you Jesus as my Lord and Personal Saviour. Take over the throne of my life in Jesus mighty name, I received you into my” Amen. God is the most.

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