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The Pregnant Bride

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Are you pregnant and its beginning to show? Then you might be thinking how you’ll look when you trudge along the aisle with your heavy punch tommy.

Dry your tears because I have good news for you, and worry no more because Edsmag – Eds creative have gotten solutions for you.

Perhaps, you might also be sad that you will not be able to wear that white and gorgeous wedding gown you’ve always dreamt of from childhood. Or rather have you buried and mourned your dreams of a romantic sexy wedding? Or you don’t even feel like going through with the wedding at all? There’s no need to hide your gloriously protruding belly. These days it’s not shameful to be pregnant before your wedding at least a rising numerous numbers of brides are pregnant on their wedding day. We’ve come and gone a long way from the days when pregnant brides accepted quiet and civil ceremonies to prevent people from seeing their condition at their weddings.

Your first priority should be your comfort and the challenge in finding the perfect wedding dress that would fit you several weeks from the moment purchased to when to the date of the wedding according to the dimensions your body would take relating to your pregnancy. Be intelligent to select an alined dress with an empire waist – dresses that the waist begins right below the bust line and hangs straight from there downward. Basically, a gown fabric that allows you breathe. Make sure to eliminate itchy lace sections and designs, extra ruffles, bows and accents or anything that would be too heavy as well as uncomfortable for you. And finally on the dress, don’t try to squeeze yourself into an undersized gown to look slimmer on the big day.

A great wedding gown designer takes just one look at your fabulous form and style a bodice and front panels that will show off your tummy and beading a great cut, support and fabrics that shimmer and shine.

Always put your best features in mind. For stance if your shoulders and arms are prominent and more noticed among your friends, try a halter neck dress, talk it with your fashion and gown stylist on playing up your best assets. And include in your discussion your color concept. Natural shades such as champagne, Ivory, grey and very light pastels are always classy and fit in best. Even striking reds, blues, pink and wine are also very fashionable on the wedding go.

The wedding is yours and as a 21st century bride,you can have exactly and perfectly the color scheme you want. You can also wear white as a pregnant bride, it all depends.

Remember, there’s also a lot of beautiful lingerie made for pregnant brides and women, so be well assured that under your wedding dress, you’ll look and feel sexy as you should on your wedding day.

Those aching feets are a great point of importance too. Have in mind that with pregnancy your feets may get swollen, so you have to forget about those fabulous high heel shoes because you are going to be a little more on your feet the whole day. Choose low heel shoes for your comfort and safety, they are alot of fantastic low heel shoes after all. Note: Don’t order or get your shoes too early, shop for them just before the wedding. The foot wear should be about the last thing you buy as a pregnant bride.

However, pregnant brides are allowed to be seated during the wedding ceremony, especially if the ceremony is scheduled to last more than an hour. It’s up to the bride and groom if they’ll like to have the entire bridal party seated relative to uniform look. If there’s no uniform sitting, take some time during the partying to sit, catch your breath and relax. No need to push yourself to keep up with all the dancing orders, every minute of the reception.

Watch what you eat. What you eat is important on the day of your wedding as a pregnant bride. Some foods served at weddings and ceremonies might not be suitable to your present condition at that moment and the baby. Be extra careful though it depends on the caterer and however, they can be specially made dishes for the bride and groom because of the brides condition. Remember, drinking alcohol is bad for the baby, so keep your champagne glass filled with healthy and hydrating drinks such as non alcoholic brands or simply a refreshing glass of water.

Avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water on the wedding day, especially if it’s hot depending on the season of the wedding and most importantly if you are still at the nauseous stage of your pregnancy. In most best instances, you can talk to your event Manager to supply most of the food you know you can handle generally or arranged just for the celebrants and its also good you talk to your doctor on making good food choices.

A smile is the most beautiful gift to your visitors on your wedding day. Always smile for the camera, don’t hide from it. Even though you don’t look like you were last year but you look so amazing now. Do much to be part of all necessary group photos and some of only yourself as a radiant keep and memory of this unique, wonderful and one time of your life.

The perfect wedding of your dreams can be achieved even when you’re pregnant, the only difference is that there’ll be two of you making walking down the aisle ( you and your baby) instead of one.

A pregnant wedding can still be the most romantic wedding. If you choose the right wedding dress with comfortable shoes, eat the right food and relax your nerves, you’ll feel great about yourself and the most beautiful, just the way you are uniquely beautiful.  

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