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History Of Makeup

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Makeup has played a prominent for centuries in the society and perception of female beauty. Globally and generally, it is believed that makeup goes a long way to refine a woman’s beauty.

According to the ROMAN PHILOSOPHER – PLAUTUS.. A woman without paint is like food without salt. But however, another reason why people wear makeup as well is the fashion and style especially in the present days in which wearing makeup has changed drastically over night and even men have also gone into makeup wearing.

In Greco-Roman societies, women wore white lead and chalk on their faces to attract attention. Great ladies like Cleopatra wore foundation to to lighten up her skin and the Kohl eyeliner. Then what was uesd was only a bit heavier than the eye make-up popular in the mid 60s. Meanwhile, Persians believed the Henna dyes used to stain hairs and faces enabled them to summon the majesty of the earth.

The European Middle Ages followed the Greco-Roman trend of pale faces. Those rich enough not to work outdoors and acquire a suntan were also eager to show off their affluence by being pale. The fashionable sixth century women would achieve the looks by bleeding themselves. Spanish prostitutes wore pink makeup to contrast with high class women’s pale faces, while 13th century Italian women wore pink lipstick to show they could afford synthetic makeup.

During the Italian Renaissance, women wore lead paint on their faces. The damage inflicted by the lead was unintentional; but arsenic face powder wasn’t. Aqua Toffana, named after creator Signora Toffana, was a fair powder designed for women from rich families. The container directed women to visit the Signora for powder usage instructions. During the visit, women would be instructed never to ingest the makeup but to apply it to their cheeks when their husbands were around. (With six hundred dead husbands and many wealthy widows). Later Toffana was executed.

In Elizabetthan cosmetic were seen as a health threat because many thought they would block vapors and energy from circulating properly.

Through the use of makeup, women throughout history put their health at risk with many of their homemade cosmetics. In some cultures for example, women used arsenic, lead, Mercury and even leaches to give themselves the pale appearance deemed beautiful in the old days.

During the French restoration in the 18th century, red lipstick was the trend and it implied a healthy fun-oving spirit. This was commonly stuck in France but eventually people in other countries became repulsed by excessive makeup use and said the painted French must be unattractive because they had something to hide.

Victorians claimed to abhor makeup, associating it with prostitutes. When makeup regained acceptance in the 19th century, it was with natural tones so that the healthy pink cheeked look could be achieved without giving in to the moral decadence of full makeup which was still seen as sinful.

The Victorian face was in fashion until mass makeup marketing hit in the 1920s. American woman accepted it and a newly liberated woman showed how free she was by displaying her right to speak out, red lipstick practically became a social necessity. From the 1930s through the 1950s, the look of various movie stars defined Vogue, from Mary Pickford’s baby doll face to Audrey Hepburn’s cat eyes eyeliner.

The 60s brought a slew of makeup changes, from the whited out lips and Egyptian style eyeliner to fantasy images like butterflies painted on faces at high fashion outings. The heavy eyeliner-look remained through the late 70s and 80s with white color ranges entering the wearer’s palette.

Makeup of today Western world claim to be a melange of past styles with a new emphasis on the natural look,. A natural look that took centuries of painting faces to achieve.

One striking or perhaps awesome aspect of this age long companion folks is its dynamic nature as it has evolved with human civilization globally.

Today’s multi- billion dollar cosmetic industry must meet strick government regulations about what it can and cannot include in a product and must follow safe manufacturing guidelines.

Makeup today trends as the most top fashion followed by clothings for all genders especially celebrities, top class society persons and royalties.

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