What You Need To Do If Your Family Rejects Your Fiancee

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Relationship leading to marriage can be very tasking especially in communities that believe so much in the culture of extended family.

If your family happens to reject your fiancee.


Don’t rush, don’t take any hash decisions, don’t go into marriage of disobedience. Rather be technical in convincing your family and then pray and relax to see what the God is trying to show you.


Don’t just decide that your parents are bad or wicked to have rejected your beloved one, rather check your relationship, check yourself, your conviction and your parents reasons for the rejection. Your parents action might be a wake up call from the lord, or may be a signal that it is not okay.


Be prayerful, when you are in the presence and will of God, there’s no challenge that you cannot overcome. Commit your parents decision into the Lord’s hand and seek for His wisdom.


Talk to a qualified marriage counselor or Pastor, not your colleagues they will only see things the way you see it.


If you are very sure and convinced that you are doing the right thing, then be matter the problem. Never give up on the will of God for your life.


Talk deeply with your parents with love, let them know your mind and reasons for your choice. Guarantee them that they won’t regret that you are getting married to your beloved one.


Be diplomatic the way you handle your parents God commanded you to respect them not to fight them, instead meet your pastor neighbors or family members to help you talk to them.

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