6 Types Of Men That Would Always Cheat On You

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There are lot of men out there with good husband materials that would make good husbands and partners to make a happy home. But, there are also others out there who would not make good husbands.


He works 14 hours a day, not because he has to, but because he wants to. The facts is, if he loves his job more than he loves you, how happy are you going to be when it’s Christmas eve and he’s on a business trip? A man that loves you would always create time and space for you if you’re his priority.


If you’re the main breadwinner of your family or the one that’s always sponsoring the funding of your relationship and your man doesn’t lift a finger to help around the house or other activities, then there’s a problem. How long do you think you’ll tolerate that? Especially when he grows a beer belly and can belch the alphabet when your parents visit.

The couch master would definitely cheat if he’s not doing it already, because everyone loving partner supports each other not just about money.


If your partner always says he’s sorry but does thesame thing over and over again. Watch out because he would never change. Trying to mold an adult character is the biggest mistake people in relationship make. How do you trust someone that repeatedly hurts you just to say he’s sorry? And if you’re a lady that he cheated with, what makes you think he won’t cheat on you too just like he did to the other lady?


A man that puts himself first more than he puts you two as a couple first is self centered and selfish. Note, that he won’t change, if you can live with being a second fiddle, go ahead. But don’t receive yourself expecting he’ll change.


A man that breaks your heart and never apologises. Then decides to come back after some time. This is one of the toughest but careful and intelligent in your decision, don’t just run into conclusions assuming he loves you. Is he really sincere? Did he actually admit he was wrong and profusely apologize? If he doesn’t admit his wrong accordingly, let him go, send him packing.


The con man is an all time player.
He screws other people and that’s how he makes his living. So his boss was mean, that doesn’t mean it’s OK to embezzle. Understand this; it’s only a matter of time before he cons you out of something. He is just like a thief who steals people’s hearts. Be watchful and avoid this type of men, they’ll never change.

However, don’t try to change a man’s character, mold them into husband material, it hardly works with this type of men.

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