Safety And Man In His Neighborhood

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The practical reflection of safety today takes me down the memory lane, remembering how our childhood was adventurous, full of fun, full of games, full of love, full of peace, full of unity, full of respect, full of life.

Our parents days were even safer and better according to them.

But today? The fear of the evil and the knowledge of it and its happenings around and within us, and the effect it brings would not allow us, to let our children explore things and life the way we did.

The only time i don’t raise my eyebrows of fear and worry of security on my kids is when they are at home.

Growing was so much fun. Playing basketball and handball after school hours, swimming in the river, watching football matches at the stadium unsupervised! Sometimes without our shirts on especially the males or our complete clothings.

Parents were not scared. No child commits an offence and gets away. All that was needed to get you is your parent’s name. Our parents knew each other irrespective of whether they are friends or not. The communities and neighborhood was a whole.big and one family.

So much oneness, unity and Love, trust and safety.

Can the good old days ever return back again? Our children today are born into luxuries of bondage.

I recall when we use to rent bicycles to learn how to ride. We rent and ride to anywhere without fear of any sort.

I also remember how we go swimming at different places where we have river, flowing water, swimming pool or dam.

But today the stories are different. We gallivant from one school to the other attending their send off parties for graduations, visiting days, inter house sports, week football competitions and even Disco at primary schools.

I remember when we go playing from street to street, school to school during weekends and long vacation.

I remember when we roam the streets during on-godly hours after returning from cinema.

We visit each other and our parents know our friends and their parents too. We spend the night at any of our friends house without informing their parents or our parents. But the beauty of it all is that they know where to find us should the need arise.

Now what do we have? Fear and a society full of evil ritualist, cultism, kid-nappers, political liers and wicked, wicked wickedness.

My question is – how do we make our kids safe? When the world now keeps going very bad, day by day and very fast in terms of security and safety. Which craves an awareness of teaching our children to stay safe.

I never forget and always tell my kids when I send them down the street. Never to answer to anyone’s call, even to persons that look familiar to them.

It is also pertinent for children to learn basic self defense techniques.

Defence techniques that are simply on intelligence such as;
1. Never to open the door to strangers.
2. Not to talk to strangers.
3. To stay away from lonely places etc.

Six years ago, I just stepped out of the house to purchase a few items, and a woman went to my house, my second daughter who was 7 plus then opened the door for her when she knocked and asked after me.

That woman went straight to my bed room asking my girl, if I had gold and lap top. And luckily my daughter said no.

My husband was with the lap top in his room and the room was locked. My jewelry boxes were also locked in the cabinet of my dressing mirror.

I didn’t stay long at the market. On getting home, I was told the story.

Yes! The point i’m I trying to drive here is that these people are very desperate and it involves not only men but also women and not only on the streets, but even in our homes and neighborhood, work places, schools etc, resulting to the sad reality that our kids dare not go anywhere without being policed.

The world has gone to the dogs. And the kids of this days have actually lost the essence of their childhood.

Yeah! The increasing craziness to get rich at all cost has caused us more harm than good! And it continues to drain the real society and life we once had.

Government needs to rise up to the occasion and secure the future which are our Children.

You and I also need to stand up for the security conscious erah with all our support to succeed.

Thus, we owe our kids the responsibly to stay safe, and ensuring how to keep them safe is a necessity as an urgent need to secure the safety of man in his neighborhood.

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