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Man can securely be safe in his neighboring surroundings because the commuters of these crimes and havoc are not spirits and most times are not outsiders.
They are people that stay amongst us. Some of them are well known to us and whenever there are not around, you notice a relative peace. So if  these elements can be integrated into our vigilante, being engaged with meaningful entrepreneurship skills with the needed capital to kick start a business, it will be of great help.

Some of them are gifted with musical skill, talented in football, craft, acting, technical skills etc.. Thus, activities like football shows etc, should be organized during this period with the grand finale on the festive day. This will go a long way to preoccupy them – as the saying goes “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”

Politicians should also be mindful the way they patronize the activities of these hooligans for their selfish interest. Political patronage encourages them to groom and recruit more members especially the younger people and the aftermath is insecurity for the common man.


1. The society now is full of wicked people.

2. The society is no longer living a communal life where every one is their brothers keeper.

3. The society is now characterized by get rich quick syndrome as a result of envy.

4. The society is now full of selfish people who cannot help the poor or needy.

5. The society is full of quest for material things and wealth acquisition by all means and any cist.

6. The society is now full of rivalry among different interested parties.

7. The society is full of occultist that need to appease their masters and carry assignments as asked.

8. The society is full of even fake men of God and pastors deceiving the ignorant so.

9. The society is full of millions of unemployed graduates who are unable to earn a living normally.

Yes we all know that the world has changed, but do the human beings living in it change negatively too?


In order for our children to be safe, the followings are mandatory –

A. You must Know your neighbors

B. Know what your neighbors and people around do for a living.

C. You have to Know who your children and neighbors associate with.

D. Know when they come in and when they go out of their environment.

E. Caution our children to be aware of strangers as well as Staying away from them.

F. Teach the children the security nature of the country.

G. They should avoid entering vehicles of unknown persons as lift.

H. Children should also tell their parents any suspicious or act exhibited by friends or even relatives that could endanger anyone.

I. The streets should be guarded by youths inform of community policing.

In conclusion, with the rate of kid napping, banditry, robbery and other societal misdemeanor, parents should take responsibilities of their children and ward in all ramifications, because the world has changed and alot of things in it has greatly too.

Gone gone gone are the days when we could crawl from paradise city hotel to Mbok hotel, Eyiyi Night club to Eshu hall and so on and so forth partying all night without fear of molestation.

Dear kids and Children including the youths, the day is different now. And so have you been deprived of all your activities of freedom.  If you try it today, a hundred and more of you will be kidnapped in less than an hour.

Ritualists are lurking around to destroy your peace and happiness, kid nappers are waiting to take advantage of you for some huge ransom, cultist are looking out to take your life etc.

Be warned children and youths, the time is no more now.

Think security and safety.

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