How To Choose The Right Laptop For Your College Studies

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College Studies need a laptop rather than a desktop, and the major reason is mobility.

As our education system increasingly demands access to technology, the ability to move a computer around campus is a critical component for most students.

The question is, is a tablet right for a student or laptop? Generally, laptops are better equipped to handle more intensive processing and use. Detachable keywords are available for a lot of tablets on the market, making them attractive options for some students.

But you need to consider convertible laptops instead of tablets, many laptops come with screens that rotate around completely, effectively turning them into a tablet. This offers the benefit of using the machine as a tablet, but also provides students with the option of using a more traditional laptop with a built-in keyboard.


Basically, we have two primary choices – Windows and Mac. Both operating systems work well and are generally interoperable, but that’s not always the case. Pay special attention to class requirements to make sure you’re picking the right operating system for the curriculum (ie: some classes or universities might require Windows, etc).


The size of the screen matters. Though laptops with larger screens are more expensive (and heavier with a larger form factor – around 15.6 inches), they might be worth the cost depending on how often the machine will be used. Pay special attention to how easy it will be to fit the laptop into a book bag or backpack. A 13.3-inch screen might be easier to throw into a backpack and carry.


Most laptops on the market today offer processing specifications that work for most students. The exceptions include heavy graphical work such as photos and video or design requirements.

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