The Voice Without Sound – Prisca Nal

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POEM: The Voice Without Sound
POET: Prisca Nal

As I look into the inner world
That is full of light
I feel the words flowing in me
From the voice without sound

I feel an untouchable presence
I feel a wave of beautiful emotion
I feel an input in the air
The subtle message from the wind

Hidden below the yammering guffaw
Disguised within a speechless song
Oscillating in high listless tones
The flow of the messages within the tranquility

Echoing from the highest
Calling for wings to open
The thrilling attraction of light
The majestic hum from the angels

The draping union of spirit
The whipping of the grandiose nature
Old reflections flow away
The crackle mind conquered

Relation to the origin beckons
The vocation is invariably reciprocated
Visions into the inner world ranged
Altercation from worthless emotions so profound

Embracing what cannot be seen
Grasping what cannot be heard
Seeing the corporeal life as the actual delusion
All makes a perfect feeling

The grace of life are intrinsic
Within your soul
So I calmly listen to
The voice without sound.

© 2021 Prisca Nal All Rights Reserved

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