Nightmares Of Forbidden Truth – Prisca Nal

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POEM: Nightmares Of Forbidden Truth
POET: Prisca Nal

The combination of Politics and Religion
Bind defined Religion
Govern-mental controlling the mind
The truth of the blind masses
Ruthlessly cold
All nightmares of forbidden truth

Media is the subject
Showing what they want to show
Telling what they want us to know
Twisted truth so we don’t grow
Our planet is being polluted
All nightmares of forbidden truth

Politicians with silver charming tongues
Lie with calmness
Seducing people with illusion
We are forced to comply
Bills pile up yet wages are reduced
All nightmares of forbidden truth

Soldiers are for money and gold.
Doing what they are told
Murdering anyone young or old.
Programmed to kill
Our necks in a noose
All nightmares of forbidden truth

The gangster raps with a bankster nature
The influence on the kids is profound
Selling souls for dollars and pounds
Focus and see what is to be found
Inflicting abuse from the system
All Nightmares of forbidden truth

Freedom of speech is muted
We are awake and we are aware
Their rulership is undisputed
Together we can remove that fear
Let us stand as one and end the
Nightmares of forbidden truth

© 2021 Prisca Nal All Rights Reserved

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