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The myth of catch the bouquet

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Where the myth of “Catch the bouquet, you are next to marry” originated from, I’m not sure, but..

Many single ladies go to weddings, sit and may seem to be having fun. “Throw the bouquet, please throw the bouquet” that’s what is on their minds. They don’t want the bouquet for keeps, but for the contract that comes after the bouquet for life. The myth is so real, yet we still have so many single ladies who are of age.. maybe they haven’t caught the right bouquet.

The rule of the myth is, any single lady that catches the bouquet when it’s thrown by the bride gets married next or soon. To many, the bouquet represents something deep. It represents a memory and throwing it isn’t an option. And to some the bouquet is so expensive, throwing it feels like throwing money.

The interesting part of the myth is that, whether you have a fiance or not, you are next to marry.

Is there a right bouquet? In the situation where a friend happens to have caught many bouquets than she bargained for and is still unmarried. So Are there wrong bouquets?

At weddings in recent times, the act is turning to be the clash of the titans, or survival of the fittest where ladies run and fight for bouquets. My question is why the fight for the bouquet?

Another big question is, why do some couples refuse to throw their bouquets? Imagine you go for a wedding, sit and assume to be having fun but praying and praying fervently to catch the bouquet.. just then you see the couples leave with it. Can this be call harsh! And you ask yourself, didn’t she catch her man too, I mean banquet.

However, why should getting a husband be cheapened to the mere task of catching a bouquet? But it’s usually an exciting experience filled with smiles and amusement after the struggle.

Anyway, enjoy your throwing while we enjoy our catching.

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