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Yoga: A Beneficial Supplement To Sports And Workouts

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Professional athletes and trainers across the board have started incoporated yoga into their training regiments.

The weish rugby team have taken up yoga as part of their world cup preparations. This is a clear indication that yoga benefits are becoming recognized as a great supplement to any sport or workout program.

Yoga increases your concentration, self awareness, flexibility, strength and balance, which are all of benefit in most sports. Most people with back trouble have at some point been recommended by their doctors to do basic yoga exercises in order to assist their hearing process.

Continuing yoga practice has the benefits of strengthening and lengthening ligaments in the back, alleviating postural misalignment and back pain associated with injuries. Two very simple, yet effective asanas for massaging the spine are cat and cow pose.

Yoga can drastically reduce the recovery time associated with sports injuries, as well as preventing future re – injury. For example, runners with nagging knee or ankle problems, benefit tremendously from yoga through stabilization of the joints and the development of the surrounding muscles.

There are so many different types of yoga available that men may not realize how much a cardiovascular workout it can provide. For instance slower moving classes like yin yoga that focus on really deepening the stretches and improving flexibility, but there are also many forms of yoga that offer an arduous workout that will certainly contribute to a weight loss plan and at over body toning. Ashtanga vinyasa classes with repeated sun salutations can be very physically damaging.

We also have the increasingly popular Bikram yoga which consists of 26 postures repeated twice in a 40c heated room full of sweating bodies.

You just have to throw a few arm balances into the mix and you are sure to gain muscles in places you never knew existed.

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