Osaze Odemwingie: Glowing From Football To Golf

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Peter Osaze Odemwingie, the amazing, talented Indonesian born Nigerian Professional Footballer turned Professional Gulfer.

The success of moving from one professional field of sports to another different kind of sports after a decade of been active in the first profession is not always easy but in the case of Peter Osaze, it is a double win.

But let’s take a look on Osaze, the amazing, talented Indonesian born Nigerian Footballer turned Gulf player.

Peter Osaze Odemwingie Managed 125 goals from 412 professional games at club level across 10 clubs in his first pro club. Which was Bendel Insurance of Nigeria, where he bagged 19 goals in 53 appearances.

Osaze’s last club was Madura United where he scored 15 goals in 22 appearance for the Indonesian based club.

Peter Osaze also had Impressive stint in the EPL with Westbrom where he bagged 87 appearance with 30 goals. In Cardiff he had 15 appearance and 1 goal and in Stoke city he bagged 27 appearance and 5 goals.

He called off his professional soccer career on April, 2019

Osaze decided to choose a career in golf after putting an end to his professional football career as a soccer player.

However, Peter Osaze is not the first person who has switched from one field of sports to another different kind of sports.

Sometime ago, after a very successful outing as an Athlete Usain who is described as the fastest human on the Earth decided to try his legs on the football pitch by taking up football as a new career.

What is your opinion on this new career taken by Osaze? And his progress to a golf coach.

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