Tupac Expression On Education At Age 17

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School is really important: Reading, writing, arithmetic.

But what they tend to do is teach you reading, writing, arithmetic…… then teach you reading, writing, arithmetic again. Then again, then again, just making it harder and harder, just to keep you busy.

And thats where I think they messed up.

They should be a class on drugs. There should be a class on sex education. No, real sex education class, not just pictures and illogical terms..
There should be a class on scams. There should be a class on religious cult. There should be a class on Police brutally. There should be a class on aparthied. There should be a class on racism in America. There should be a class on Why people are hungry.

But there’s not., Their class is on gym…… Their class is like Algebra. We have yet to go a store and said, ” can I have XY+2 and give me My Y change back… thank you.. you know?… Like foreign languages. I think that they are important, but I don’t think it should be required..

Actually, they should be teaching you English and then teach you how to understand double talk, politicians double talk. Not teaching you how to understand French and Spanish and German. When I’m I going to Germany, I can’t afford to pay my rent in America! How am I going to Gernany?”

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