6 Tips why you should not be intimate before marriage in a relationship

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Physical and intimate contact with your partner before getting married have numerous  disadvantages and negative effects. 

1. High risk of breakup

The primary purpose of a relationship between a male and female is to get married. But when intimacy sets in leading to discovery of sexual satisfaction or dissatisfaction, the result becomes the case.

2. Loss of interest and value

Getting intimate before marriage causes partners to lose interest and value for each other. Why?

Because the unforseen has been seen, boundaries have been crossed.

3. Affects relationships with your family and friends

When you try and become intimate with your partner, you’re patently doing it with concealment and lying to your family and friends, that sometimes puts a strain on your relationships with them.

4. Insults and gossip

If you’re unable to cover your premarital relationship with success, then you’re positively putting yourself on the target of insults and gossip.

5. Disrupt your mental state

You try to cover your premarital relationship from the necessary folks of your life and so find yourself feeling guilty. Most time, you are thinking regarding you getting pregnant or infected with some sexually transmitted malady.

6. Unwanted pregnancy and trauma

Unwanted pregnancies is most foremost, common and devastating danger of sex before marriage.

Their partner might or might not support them, and even though they do, the females still battle the society and face challenges with their alternative careers and future.

Sometimes partners regret their act. But what do you think of getting intimate before marriage in any relationship.

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