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14 Health Benefits Of Deep Breathing

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Breathing from the abdomen tells the brain not to panic.

Deep breathing is the right and proper way to breathe which involves the abdomen and not just the chest.

Breathing incorrectly can lead to alot of negative health issues such as exhaustion, inability to focus, anxiety, increase stress, raise blood pressure etc.

How we breathe effects everything in our day to day lives. So we should breathe deeply from the abdomen and not from the chest, as men often do.

Shallow breathing from the chest tells the brain we are in danger and thus initiate stress responses.

Benefits Of Deep Breathing

Here are fourteen ways deep breathing benefits your body and health;

1. Deep breathing lowers stress levels.

2. It boost immune system.

3. Deep breathe promotes general body system calmness.

4. Deep breathing conditions the lungs rightly.

5. It strengthens respiratory tracks.

6. It stimulates the lymphatic system

7. It aids the prevention of heart attack.

8. It triggers the expel of toxins from the body.

9. Paves way for fresh oxygenated blood to the organs.

10. It stimulates the organs peak functions.

11. It relieves stress.

12. Enables and keeps you more focus.

13. Lowers risk of blood pressure.

14. Calms and positively controls the nervous system.

Thus, how we breathe positively or negatively affects our health daily as well as our activities

Always breathe rightly from the abdomen.

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