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23 Amazing Health Benefits Of African Star Apple

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African star apple with the botanical Chrysophyllum Albidum is a fruit commonly found in Africa. 

It is a very popular and known African fruit packed with alot of vitamins and minerals. In Nigeria, it is known as Ekpuunyu in Ekajuk, Agbalumo in Yoruba, Udara in Igbo and Chiwo in Hausa.

The leaves, the seed and the fruits are all beneficial to health.

Health Benefits of African Star Apple; 

1. Promotes weight loss with its high fiber content.

2. Prevents constipation, bloating and aids digestion.

3. Treats vaginal infections using cotyledons and leaves by herbal medicine.

4. High in water content and good for dehydration.

5. High vitamin C content which aids body immunity system.

6. Cures cold and also prevent scurvy.

7. Treats Malaria through herbal medicine.

8. Provides calcium for healthy bones and teeth.

9. The seed extract has blood seizing effect by stoping bleeding in injuries, cuts etc.

10. It is a natural anti oxidant.

11. It is an antidote to vomiting in women during pregnancy.

12. Boost immune system for heart as well as cardiovascular diseases.

13. Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar.

14. Treats yellow fever through herbal medicine.

15. Healing of wounds and sprains using the leaves, roots and bark properties.

16. Cures stomach ache by using the bark which is done by herbal traditional medicine.

17. Prevents and heal sore throat.

18. Promotes dental health as it tackles and cures tooth ache.

19. Treats sexual weakness and sterility using the roots.

20. Treats and controls asthma.

21. Good for eye health.

22. Treats diarrhea commonly used by herbal medicine.

23. Prevents aging of skin by knocking out wrinkles.

Always consume the African Star Apple fruit when in season to benefit from it’s nutrients.

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