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Know These About Proteins And Their Functions

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Proteins are organic compounds that consist of amino acids.

There are large complex molecules that perform many critical roles in the body. All cells in the human body contains protein.

Protein is the major part of the skin, muscles, organs and glands. So you need daily protein in your diet to help your body repair damaged cells and make new cells.

When proteinous food is eaten, the protein is broken down into amino acids by enzymes. Some Amino acids are produced in our body while others are not.

Amino acids produced in our body, are called non essential amino acids while those that cannot be manufactured in our body are called essential amino acids, which are provided in our body through food.

Protein is gotten through animals and plants. Animal sources of protein includes- meat, eggs, fish, poultry, milk and milk products such as yoghurt and cheese. Plants sources include- soya beans, nuts, beans, breadfruit etc.

Functions Of Proteins

1. It builds up frame work of the body

2. It repairs damaged and worn out tissues

3. Supplies essential substance that lubricates the body

4. Aids fast growth and development, especially in children.

5. It is a main source of muscle maintenance.

Lack of protein causes kwashiorkor, so ensure to add to your daily diet appropriately as part of your meals to avoid kwashiorkor. 

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