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5 Tips to get your confidence with the “AH” yoga signature note 

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The power of your confidence can only spring out if you get yourself to believe in you.

Here are 5 steps to get your confidence through the AH yoga signature note;

1. Try to be still by gazing at an image of sacred beauty and letting go of your breath.

Don’t push the breath out, just allow it to drop from you like satin drawn to gravity

On the next breath of pranayama, sound out gradually on SSSSSSSS: and the sustained energy will at close bring a amount of sublime stillness, simply “being” rather than doing.

2. Breathe in side and deep.

Imagining the air as light filling the whole of you, and sound out on a HUM . Feeling the mm mm mm mm like a warm shower moving through the whole of your body.

3. Again, breathe in the light and then SIGH OUT.

Pause and imagining the breath to be a golden elixir filling your body lastly sound out on “AH”

4. “SH” is the heart vowel, and so imagine the sound spiraling throughout your Anahata – heart chakra.

Repeat this three times daily and you will feel your whole physique bathed in the sound of your soul occuring as the tone arises from the heart as the seat of the soul.

5. Sounding AH from your heart in this way will enable you to feel your signature note.

This is your souls unique song and it is derived from the source.

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