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The best low Fat diet for weight loss for obesity – Prisca Nal

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Written by Prisca, an Edsmag contributing Editor, popularly known as Prisca Nal is a health fitness advisor, Singer and entrepreneur. 

Obesity is a serious problem to health.

Gaining so much weight is very easy as ABC, by eating foods high in calories but difficult in turn to reduce thesame weight especially intentionally and when medically recommended.

People with obesity tend to crave more for food, eat faster too and are glutinous compared to medium, plump or slim people.

An example of a low fat diet that is healthy and effective for losing weight is a combination of fruits, vegetables or fruits and vegetables with proteins.

The protein might be eggs, milk, lean meat (but must not be red meat), chicken, fish, vegetable proteins such as avocados, peas, green beans, kidney beans, buttered beans etc. Also nuts and their proteins and nutrients are essential and should be included.

Here is one of my favourite recipes of a low fat diet for weight loss;


1. 2 medium size guava fruit

2. 1tbs Coriander

3. 2 red peppers

4. 2 cups shredded cabbage

5. 1 tbs olive oil

6. Tea

7. Skimmed, tiger nut or coconut milk


Wash all guava fruits and cabbage vegetables very clean in salty water and rinse again in water with drops of vinegar.

Wash also the 2 red peppers and slice.


1. Cut guavas into chunky sizes into a bowl.

2. Cut the red peppers in long large chunk into a bowl.

3. Shred 2 cup full of green cabbage.

4. Make tea of your choice and add skimmed, tiger nut or coconut milk.


In a bowl or dinner plate, put the cut guavas, peppers, and shredded cabbage. Add olive oil and sprinkles of coriander in beautiful food craft and art of your design.


Serve in a dinner plate and take with a cup of your preferred tea.

Perfect for breakfast or dinner for weight reduction and weight loss. It is one of the healthiest recipes.

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