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Step by Step Guide On How To Make Tom Brown

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Tom brown is one of the most economically perfect food to wean your babies. 

Tom brown is healthy, nutritious and filling. A lot of people often ask questions about where they can buy this food especially in Nigeria. But I have good news for you.

Today I’ll put you through on a step by step guide on how to make Tom Brown from A to Z;

Tom brown is made up of a mixture of cereals and legumes such as; yellow corn, guinea corn millet, soybeans and groundnuts. The cereals and legumes add a variety of nutrients which are beneficial to the baby’s health.

Items and ingredients

1. 6 cups of millet

2. 3 cups of guinea corn

3. 2 Cups of yellow corn

4. 3 cups of soybeans

5. 2 Cups of groundnut

6. 2 cups of crayfish (optional) must be slightly fried.


1. Wash all items needed for preparation as listed above, in clean and slightly salty water or you can add drops of vinegar to the water.

2. Sun washed food items or dry using machine dryer.

3  Roast or fry on low heat until it turns light gold brown, before it starts popping like popcorn. Take off from the heat and allow to cool.

4. Roast or fry the groundnut in low heat to a light gold color, take off from heat and allow to cool.

5. Fry the millet slightly also, take off from the heat and allow to cool.

6. Roast or fry the soybeans until gold brown, take off from the heat and allow to cool.

Note; All items must be fried separately. 

7. After frying the soya beans, grind softly with mortar and pestle to remove the skins, and blow off separating shaft from the soybeans.

8. Combine all  items or ingredients together, if you have a high powered blender you can blend the mixture with your blender but if you don’t, you can take it to the local mill to blend. Do not add water; The tom brown mixture must be blended dry to make tom brown powder.

9. Yes! Your Tom Brown baby food is ready. Pour into a dry airtight container for proper preservation.

How to cook tom brown

The knowledge of making Tom Brown powder is different from the skill of knowing how to prepare it well for consumption. The key to achieving a silky smooth tom brown porridge is constant stirring, especially at the beginning similar to when cooking semolina.

1. Place a pot on the heat.

2. Pour in little water into the pot and bring to  boil.

3. Then make a thick mix of tom brown  powder with cold water and pour into the pot.

4. Use a wooden stick to stir to a smooth meal, making sure there’s no lump.

5. Cook on medium heat for 8 minutes,

5. Stir until it becomes like custard and well cooked.


Serve with preferable baby milk.

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