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How To Make Meat Pie

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Meat pie is a delicious and protein filled pastry food.

This recipes makes 20 “6inch/15 centimeter diameter” pieces or about 50 ” 3inch/7.5centimeter” pieces.



1. 6 cups of flour

2. 1tbs of salt

3. 1/4 cup of water

4. 4 eggs

5. 1/2 pound of butter

6. 1 egg yolk


1. 16oz (2 cups or 5liter)

2. 2 medium size potatoes

3 Spices

4. Any other desired vegetables

5. Water



1. Combine the flour, eggs and salt together.

2. Knead the dough.

3. Cover the dough and let it rest for 3 hours.


1. Dice the potatoes into little cubes (about 5inch or 1centimeter length).

2. Place the potatoes, meat and simmer in a saucepan, adding all other vegetables and spices. Put on a low heat until the meat is cooked. Taste to be sure its well cooked and of desired taste.

3. Put all together and mix.

4. Pre-heat the oven to 400°.

5. Roll out some of the dough, making sure the thickness is average ( not too thin and not too thick).

6. Cut dough into circles ( use tools such as meat pie cutters if desired)

7. For each circle, add a table spoon of the mixture in the middle of the circle, then fold the circle over, and use a fork to press the tips together.

8. Repeat the steps above until you are out of dough or mixture.

9. Brush the exterior of the all the meat pies with egg yolk.

10. Place the meat pies on a flat baking sheet leaving little spaces in between each one.

12. Bake until slightly gold brown.


Serve with tea or coffee, a drink of your choice or combine with meals as starter.

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