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14 Negative Effects Of Drugs To Health

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Drugs are a  menace that cause alot of damages to health.

Drugs are gradually engulfing the better part of the society worldwide, ranging from the old to the very young youths and teenagers.

The intake of drugs continues to do more damage than good while being ignored.

Addiction to drugs makes you unable to care about the effect of it on your body and health. It also pushes you away from asking for help even when you know and feel you need help.

The problem of drugs is difficult to stop and contol because most top personalities indulge in it, ranging from the rich to the poor, working class to jobless, big celebrities to small and upcoming celebrities etc.

Drugs defined here are cocaine, heroin, tontolin, weed, alcohol, cigarettes etc

Here are 14 damages Caused By Drugs To Health

1. Intake of drugs gradually cause damages to the lungs.

2. Drug addiction leads to more depression.

3. It causes psychosis.

4. It leads to respiratory depression.

5. Drugs leads to mental health disease.

6. Taking drugs on the longrun can cause heart failure.

7. Causes cancer of the lungs and liver.

8. It destroys the liver.

9. It causes impotency and infertility.

10. Leads to high blood pressure.

11. It damages your learning abilities and memory

12. Drugs cause heart failure.

13. It can result to seizures.

14. Reduces immunity to blood borne diseases like hepatitis and HIV.

Save your health, life and the society by staying away from drugs. And don’t forget to tell a friend too.

Drugs are dangerous to health and life.

If you are frustrated and need guidance on how to refrain from drugs and addiction, I’ll always be of assistance. Reach me on +2348073361760 for guidance.

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