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How To Treat And Manage Leukoderma

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Leukoderma or vitiligo is a cosmetic defect.

Leukoderma or piebald skin is a distressing condition, especially in people with darker complexions.

The light patches are very marked.

Leukoderma is usually not a disease, it is a cosmetic defect.

However, the affected areas sometimes grow larger. In contrast to most other skin conditions, leukoderma is usually of lifelong duration.


1. There’s no satisfactory method of treatment known at present.

2. Meladinine ointment has been used over the light patches of the skin.

3. Meladinine may also be taken by mouth, after which the patient exposes himself to sunlight.

4.. Certain proprietary “tanning” lotions containing dihydroxyacetone may be applied to the affected areas with fair results. This is at least worth trying.

However, the repigmentation of the skin is rarely complete enough to be satisfactory.

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