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How To Treat Baldness

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Loss of hair on the scalp is more common in men. 

Complete or partial hair loss is more or less to be expected in the males than females, and it’s very distressing when it occurs in the females.

Premature baldness is a tendency in certain families.

Thinning of the hair is often seen in older women, but complete baldness in the female is fortunately rare.

Temporal baldness may occur following a fever or some prolonged illness. The hair usually returns after the patient has recovered from the illness.

Sudden loss of hair in certain areas is a condition called alopecia areata, may sometimes follow extreme nervous shock. This may clear up in a few weeks, although sometimes it would still recur.


1. There is no satisfactory treatment for most forms of baldness.

2. Any irritation of the scalp should be cleared up. This may help the hair to grow again.

3. When only small batches of baldness occur suddenly following some illness, hydrocortisone may be injected under the scalp twice weekly in the affected area, the usual dose being 5mg.

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